Simple, Not Boring

When I first started making jewelry, I was told that to sell it, I would need to create a reason for people to be passionate about it. Creativity was not enough, talent would not translate into a sustainable business. I didn’t pay much attention, because my love was jewelry making, not marketing, and the internet had filled my mind with “build it, and they will come,” stories.

Fast forward to my first retail show. A shopper asked me about my brand, what it was about, and who I was. I stumbled and stuttered through a non-answer, and the shopper (and her friends) left empty handed.


art in the park hanging displayThen another shopper came in, picked up a few pieces, admiring them, and turned to me to talk. She commented on the simplicity of my pieces, and, at first, I was a little insulted. I heard simple and thought–These aren’t simple! These are the product of hours and hours of work. These pieces are thoughtfully made! Delicate, carefully polished, handcrafted! And here was a woman calling them simple! She must have seen some glimmer of these thoughts on my face, because she said to me, “That is not an insult. The world is big and cluttered and loud and filled with things. Your jewelry is delicate and clean and thoughtful. It’s not overwhelming, it’s simple. And very lovely.”

I was so surprised! She saw my and my jewelry more clearly than I could; she put into words something that had, until that moment, been the vaguest of thoughts in the back of my mind. Something clicked for me then. Simplicity. Simplicity is beautiful. Lovely. Those few words from someone who’s eye lit up when she touched my jewelry defined not only what I wanted my jewelry to be, but what I wanted to be.

All I need is some adorable eyeliner, a positive attitude, and a little of my own simple beauty.

From there, this idea has grown for me. It’s taken root. It’s shifted my mindset. Simple and beautiful are not dichotomous. It’s possible to be delicate and strong. And in this big, bold, beautiful world, it’s completely possible for me to stand out from the crowd–all I need is some adorable eyeliner, a positive attitude, and a little of my own simple beauty.

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