Selling Stuff While Advocating Simplicity

If you’ve been following my Facebook page lately, you know that I share a lot of inspirational articles on leading a simpler life. So many of them are focused on the stuff in our lives, the clutter that we all amass to fill in our blank spaces; and so many more of these articles discuss ways to reduce that clutter. I love the ideas being shared in these articles. I will probably never 100% get on board the minimalism train. My walls will never be bare, my bookshelves will always be over flowing, and I will probably always leave clean clothes in the laundry basket rather than put them away. But I wholeheartedly believe that reducing distractions is clarifying and living a life where experiences and people are valued over things and money is meaningful. Following trends, using things to promote your status, none of that makes sense to me. What we own should have meaning, should bring value to our everyday life, or should serve a purpose.

So how then can I promote this semi-minimalist lifestyle while also promoting my jewelry business? On the surface, they’re at odds. Minimalism is all about reducing the stuff in our lives, cutting back on our consumerist habits. Me encouraging your to visit my store and buy my jewelry is me encouraging your to consume. Am I a hypocrite? No, I don’t think so.

The thing is, I create jewelry thatĀ has meaning to the people who buy and wear it. I am incredibly touched by the stories my clients share with me about why they choose a particular item, and it gives me such joy to create something that will mark a meaningful moment in their lives.

I’ve made necklaces for birthday girls, bracelets for the graduates, earrings as a thank you gift for a wonderful teacher. I’ve made birthstone rings for new moms, and moms who lost their babies. I’ve made collections for a bride to wear on her special day, and wedding favors for the women by her side. Promotions, anniversaries, sweet reminders of love and joy, all of these occasions are special, and when they areĀ over, my jewelry is a lasting physical reminder. The jewelry I make goes from my two hands to the hands of someone trying to hold on to a memory. It’s not more stuff, it’s part of the story.


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