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Caroline Forbes wearing Little Hill Jewelry

Few things that have happened in my business have been as exciting as getting a piece of jewelry on TV. There have been other exciting things–my first sale, my first in store appearance, my first sold out show–but none of these things compared. Having my Silver Infinity Link Necklace worn on TV was incredible!!

Caroline Forbes from The Vampire Diaries wearing Little Hill Jewelry's Silver Infinity NecklaceIn May on 2014, I was watching one of my favorite shows at the time–CW’s The Vampire Diaries. A few months earlier, in collaboration with The Artisan Group, I had submitted a piece for consideration for use on the show. As a group, we sent a bag to the stylist for the show, and I was told my piece was selected for use, but sometimes things just seem to good to be true, and I didn’t get too excited.

Imagine my surprise and joy as I’m watching the show, and suddenly I see my silver infinity link necklace! At first, I didn’t even realize it was my necklace. I remember thinking “Gosh, I really like that style necklace,” and then a heartbeat later thinking “Hey, wait a minute…!”

It was such a surreal moment, to be sitting there making jewelry and seeing my jewelry on TV at the same time. On a show I adored! Now there are different versions of this necklace in my shop, including a gold version, and a mixed metal silver and gold version. But to date, the silver infinity link necklace is my single most popular item.

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