Connections Collection

The connections we make in life can often seem so unpredictable and random, but some how, events along our journey bring us to the people we need most in our lives. If we’re lucky, we get to keep these people. We get to experience the highs and lows of life side by side and are better for it. And sometimes, if we’re very, very lucky, the events that bring us together create an unbreakable bond that lasts a life time.

The Connections Collection from Little Hill Jewelry is filled with pieces that remind us of these unbreakable bonds.

connections collection preview

I am so excited to announce this collection. It features a mix of new and old pieces from Little Hill Jewelry, including our ever popular Silver Infinity Necklace, and a new favorite, our Connections Necklace.

People, and our connections, are at the very center of what I do and believe. Living simply makes room for deeper connections with the people in our lives. Being mindful helps develop more genuine relationships. I’ve been making jewelry for almost 5 years now, and the very best part of my job is when I get to create a piece of jewelry for someone and know the story behind it.

Some people shop with me simply because they love my jewelry and our styles mesh. But more often, my customers are buying something special for someone in their life. I’ve been honored to create graduation and birthday gifts, wedding favors, reminders to hang in there, and even a few engagement rings. The stories my customers share with me inspire me to keep creating, and are the driving force behind this new Connections Collection.

This holiday season, as you shop for gifts for your loved ones, I hope you find the perfect gift. And if you need a helping hand, I hope you’ll check out our newest collection, and the many other great items available from Little Hill Jewelry.

Wishing you and yours a safe, happy, and connected holiday season!


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Simple, Not Boring

When I first started making jewelry, I was told that to sell it, I would need to create a reason for people to be passionate about it. Creativity was not enough, talent would not translate into a sustainable business. I didn’t pay much attention, because my love was jewelry making, not marketing, and the internet had filled my mind with “build it, and they will come,” stories.

Fast forward to my first retail show. A shopper asked me about my brand, what it was about, and who I was. I stumbled and stuttered through a non-answer, and the shopper (and her friends) left empty handed.

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