Being Thankful

This year, for Thanksgiving, one of my closest friends had no one to celebrate the holiday with. Her son was with his father, and her family isn’t here, and she was arming up for a holiday alone. Silly girl, as if I, her best friend, would ever let that happen. Of course I invited her to join my Mom and I for a Thanksgiving buffet/brunch where we ate enough food for 2 weeks and laughed and spent a holiday being not alone.


Not alone. This year, that is what I am most thankful for. I am not alone. I am grateful for every person in my life–the good, the bad, and even the ugly. The good lift me up, bring me joy, and stand in my corner. The bad challenge me, teach me more about myself, and how I see the world. The ugly…well, even the pain and hurt these few people bring into my life shapes me.

All these connections, from the best to the worst, have made me who I am, and helped me get to where I am. As I look ahead to the near future, I see so many exciting things about to happen. Maybe they would have happened, even if I was alone, or had a different group of people in my life. Maybe. But a big part of me believes that the joy and challenges and even the misery were exactly what I needed to get me where I am.

Today, and everyday, I am thankful for the people and connections in my life.

Happy start of the holiday season to all of you!

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