About Heather

Simply Balanced

There are a lot of big and bold things in this world, but sometimes big and bold get overwhelming. I am all about finding beauty in the simple things. But simple doesn’t have to mean boring. A simple black dress can be dramatic. A minimal decor can be meditative. Simplifying your routine can reduce stress and increase happiness. Simplicity isn’t about bland walls and boring eyeliner. It’s about reducing the clutter, the distraction, and the noise from our big, bold, beautiful world, and creating room to be our best selves.

I’m Heather, a jewelry artist living in beautiful Vermont. I’ve been making jewelry for 5 years and writing my whole life. I’m discovering everyday the joys of finding beauty through simplicity, and created this blog to share my discoveries with you. My jewelry¬†mirrors this idea of beauty through simplicity, and plays a huge role in my life, so you’ll hear a lot about that, but this blog is more than just a collection of back links to my website (really, I swear it!).

I hope everyone reading is inspired to infuse a little more simplicity into their lives. Please feel free to comment on posts or contact me, I’d LOVE to hear from you!